Standard version, extended bellows: 22″ long x 15″ wide x 14.5″ high (with lens, 19″ long w/o lens)     $900 w/o Tripod

Short version, compressed bellows: 11″ long x 15″ wide x 14.5″ high (with lens, 8″ long w/o lens)

Each camera Photo Booth individually hand crafted
Fixed-Length Bellows made with 4-layers of reinforced black Gelcoat laid up by hand
Custom “cabinet-grade” wood construction
Through-Lens Opening in front for your camera, modified per your requirements.
Durable custom finishes
Brass-plated or Nickel-plated accents
Custom configurations for your application; front access panel, rear access panel, etc.

NEW: Tripod Options
Two Tripod options being offered, fixed height, and adjustable.
$250 for fixed height, $350 for adjustable

fixed-height-tripod                   adjustable-tripod